Sunday Zodiac: How each sign can celebrate Independence Day today


The country is celebrating its 75th Independence Day today. The day honours India’s hard-fought freedom from the British and is marked with much enthusiasm throughout the country with flag-hoisting ceremonies, cultural events, and the singing of the Indian National Anthem.

On this joyous day, Jeevika Sharma, tarot card reader and guidance counsellor, suggests what each zodiac sign can do to celebrate.


Capricorn should participate in all the activities they have been invited for. They could enjoy the day by spending some time with their loved ones or socialising with their friends.


Aquarius should travel, and explore the unexplored parts of nature. Doing this will bring them a peace of mind and relieve them of stress.


To celebrate this day, Pisces should get out of their comfort zone and just do what their heart says. If they engage themselves with what they truly want to do then it would bring them much more happiness.


They need some peace of mind. They should practice some breathing exercises and stay away from any person or a situation which may give them stress. They can even choose to sleep peacefully, if they wish too.


Taurus can use the day to relax themselves. A nice movie or a coffee with a loved one would suffice. They should be under no stress to make any plans and are free to laze around all day to rejuvenate themselves.


They can try their hands at planning an adventurous tour to celebrate the day. But, they should be careful while planning all the steps and executing them as there could be some unseen obstacles which could ruin the day.


The People born under the Cancer zodiac could spend the day catching up with their friends. They could also plan a day outing with them. A casual meeting or a small chat will be enough for them to celebrate the day.


Leo should prioritise focusing on completing whatever pending work they might have before it’s too late. It could be some official work, attending a meeting, or even having a conversation with people which has been due for a long time.


While singles can decide to spend their time watching some nice romantic shows or movies, couples could spend some good time together. It could be a romantic date night or some quality time to strengthen the bond.


Libra can decide to attend a party or they can throw a nice party with their friends where they can dance, sing or just talk. They could try arranging a rain dance party as it could bring them much joy.


They can try to be a part of the celebrations which could be happening around them. If they do not wish to partake in any celebration then they can spend the day relaxing at home.


Sagittarius can try plan a trip with their friends or their family. Whatever place they may decide to visit it should be somewhere where they have never been to before. They can also indulge in some new activities this time.