Alli thantha Bhoomi Breaks Record 200K In A Single Day

Alli Thantha Bhoomi -NewsDove7

Sinmaye Sivakumar‘s latest song was released by Kandasamy Krishnamenan on M-Muzik YouTube Channel  25th July in London, Allithantha Bhoomi, has a sound track that features imagery of the Pigthalaichi Amman Temple, the Poonagiri bridge, and the green fields.

My first impression of Sinmaye is that she is a fascinating woman. A young girl is emerging as our undemonstrative earthen singer capable of singing all kinds of music. It is likely that her parents were responsible for her peace of mind and accountability. Peace is the spirit of this song. It is chock full of pleasure to admire Sinmaye’s quiet, beautiful lying voice that doesn’t swallow words in a morning.

Suthakaran’s record provides the vocal music for that voice and lyrics. The unobtrusive lighting and scenery, which alternate between Canada and the motherland, is a green treat to the eyes.

Lyrics that evoke memories of the homeland. By singing the songs of the homeland, Vaira Bharathi transcends the misery of war and composes earth-friendly poetry like no other. It is beautiful to note that the Thenmaradchi Development Organization has created a work that combines poetic remembrance of the amulet with visuals that are impeccable, and a song that speaks of the ancestral homeland. It was a commendable effort.

Our appreciation and appreciation of this outstanding effort are greatly appreciated. It’s a beautiful work and we should all support it.