How Much Do You Know about THE PATRON DEA, José Alvizar.?

How Much Do You Know about THE PATRON DEA José Alvizar-NewsDove7

From the age of 5, he began to face life head on and eager to do something for the Family. Like all the Beginning in the Musical career It was in Uruapan MICHOACAN that has the most beautiful Memories
Because that’s where she sang in the First Grouping that Made It (two Brothers).
I never gave mine to the time since I was in favor of trucks or urban peseros etc, etc, as you know them that was where they sang
By the age of 7 with the group most reinforced by 3 brothers, they were leaving their mark.

At 9 years old, she set a destination for the eagle where the music continued to mark her more.
Much support from his (Father) who was also part of the group
At 12 and so on for the same direction, filling with a good musical flavor.

He began to play different instruments such as the Primer was (the guiro) then the Famosa (JaranaMichoacana) so he spent learning (The Violin, Electric Guitar Keyboards, Drums and what as the Cover Design ((LA ARPONAAAA)) the one that walks (A ALL THAT GIVES)).

It was in the musical part
WHAT he was in Composer was not the Beginning it was for racing reasons.
The first song was a Corrido para un Pueblo by Arteaga Mich, (El Pinito) People liked it and although no one heard it because from there the taste for making more music but more original to my style began. I did not stand out in composing because my passion was always Music.

Spending more time, form a Defined Style Group because although) the Workers’ Race, the Jimenez brothers, Los Canarios), it is very wrong. as in Silver Tray. Waiting for a Musical Hit in Everything That Was Predicted.
Things did not or Fate did not want it this way.
Well, of Blows and Falls I had already opened several and when it is not your turn even if you put yourself as that very popular saying designed,

His solo career has already started in the foreground. The roads will direct us the best Route if it is in My favor.
What I ask you if you can listen to the (Corrido created by me) I have Several but there are some that I cannot put in order not to get My People who Give Me Work in Trouble. But Mainly (((LOS MICHOACANOS, DON JOAQUÍN GUZMAN “EL CHAPO”, EL MAYOI, EL PERIQUITO, LA SIERRA UP TO THE TOP, LOS ASOCIADOS, a controversial song. YOU DON’T CHARM ME. Another I LOVE THE TWO. no more but today it goes with {{THE HARPONA AND THE STYLE OF BAND}} That the promo of the corridos is about to come out, there is a song of much love (YOU ARE PERFECT) and (MY BEAUTIFUL).

And let it be noted that there are no faults with this that is being cooked.
And here we are to Make a great atmosphere and To Order.
Also to All those who are Supporting me in this Work I thank you With All My Heart without your help there would be none of these words erased in the wind or the unknown abyss.

Now I am available in the way you like best.
But today as my new design
(EL PATRÓN DEA) to follow me on social networks (El Patron Del Harpa) and DO NOT COMPARENNNNNNN !!!!!!! A Frace from a very Dear Compa (EL MAYOI) that I thank you very much for supporting me in this process ((TODAY WITH MIGO UNTIL THE HOLY HEAVEN)). And to all those who extend a hand to me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MILLION

THE PATRON DEA, José Alvizar.

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