Rajat Juneja – Ambience Is Just A Talk. Your Doings Is What Matters


The passion with which one looks out for oneself is actually the true representative of a person’s characteral possessions. That never ending attitude to strive and achieve all in the plate is what adorns a true physique today.

Young & flourishing Rajat Juneja, 25 years old, a successful actor and writer, is the talk of diversified success today. Being one of the radians of attainability, Rajat owns the heart of the general public.

Starting his journey with the dreams of becoming an actor and writer, today Rajat condemns every glory being successfully recognized as an actor and writer. He has written many famous songs running a clear hit with the initial start of his career with song Rishta Ho Aisa.

Having explicit skills and endurance for writing, dancing and acting, Rajat Juneja has worked in Haryanvi Dj song Djp Chori. He has enacted as the lead actor and writer in T-series Haryanvi songs Mastaani & Aashique K Diploma.

At par Rajat Juneja is all set for celebrating the hits of the upcoming songs on Ndj Music like Dil Todh Gayi and Pre Wedding scrutinizing the big blast of the wedding season.

Rajat Juneja by profession is a writer and producer using his dignified innovative outlook to brighten his path to achieve fame and the claim over his dreams.

With insights to entertain the world, sticking to their gorgeous smiles, Rajat Juneja is a dedicated entertainer. He believes that he can use his approach to bring a positive influence in the society.

Regarding his work as his major outlet, Rajat Juneja is all set to do his bit for the society. He urges the people around him to do the same following their heart and desires ultimately uplifting their existence because talent has no undoing to it, you possess your skills, you should learn and try to cherish it favorably.

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